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Today, District Attorney Greg Willis addressed the false allegations made against him in a recent lawsuit. As part of this presentation, Willis released an audio recording that clearly debunks the plaintiff’s key allegation and shows them to be completely false and fabricated. Willis also today released 28 specific handwritten notes that were written to him by the plaintiffs that prove their allegations are baseless and false. 


“This lawsuit is full of false, defamatory, and outrageous claims. Given the mountain of factual evidence, I call upon these plaintiffs and their lawyers to stop wasting taxpayer money, admit that this public evidence debunks their false allegations, and to drop their lawsuit,” said District Attorney Greg Willis.


Willis’ attorney, Rogge Dunn, added: “Today District Attorney Willis revealed only a small sampling of the compelling mountain of evidence proving the plaintiffs’ claims are false and completely trumped up. In 35 years of handling employment lawsuits this is one of the most frivolous lawsuits I’ve ever seen."


The plaintiffs’ own words, documents, and actions--that occurred contemporaneously with the events at issue--totally contradict the new story they spin in their lawsuit and destroy their credibility.  I’m quite confident their lawsuit will be totally defeated.


Plaintiff claimed that DA Willis forced an “unwelcome” hug where her arms were stiff beside her body.
(pgs. 28-55)



    She cheerfully asked DA Willis if she could give him a hug:

“Ok, I’ll leave. Thank you so much! Oh, can I give you a hug?” (audio: 20:20)


DA Willis was “moaning” aloud and “groping” her while “gratifying himself”

(pg. 55)



    This never happened. DA Willis courteously agreed to let LaFleur give him a hug. Not only that, her allegations about how he reacted to her hug are also patently false. While giving him the hug she asked for, she enthusiastically exclaimed:

“Ahh, you are so wonderful! Thank you so much! And I will see you around.” (audio 20:26)

Written letter of support filed with the Commissioner Court


Written Support for DA Willis

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